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Install the CAMP Air helper app on Android or iOS devices.

Install the CAMP Air helper app on Android or iOS devices.

Install the CAMP Air helper app on Android or iOS devices.

Learn About Your Asthma

CAMP Air will help you learn the skills you need to better manage your asthma through interactive lessons, animated videos, quizzes, and checklist reports.

Supported by Research, Designed for Teens

CAMP AIR is a synchronized web and mobile application which educates teens about asthma, builds skills for self-management, and provides online and mobile supports for treatment adherence. Developed in collaboration with Dr. Jean Marie Bruzzese of Columbia University.

Interactive Learning

The CAMP Air course will take you through seven modules, each of which contains multiple interactive lessons that will teach you how to better manage your asthma, as well as quizzes, reviews, and a weekly checklist to make sure you can remember that information.

Keep Track of Your Symptoms

The weekly symptom checklist will help you better keep track of your asthma and learn exactly what factors trigger it the most. By downloading the app, you can access this information, fill out checklists, and get reminders on your phone. You will also be able to easily share this information with your doctor.


Proven E-learning Platform

This dynamic e-learning platform provides a personalized, multimedia learning experience with opportunities for hands-on practice and feedback.


Interactive Lessons and Exercises

Interactive lessons, assessments, and practice exercises test your knowledge and give you ways to practice the skills you’re learning.

Helper App

The CAMP Air app for Android and iPhone gives you access to your information at any time.


Personalized Reports

Self-assessments help you examine your symptoms and triggers, with dynamic reports summarizing results and providing personalized feedback

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